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God meant for fulvic acid to be in our food supply and keep us healthy.  However, because we have depleted our soils through fertilization, pesticides, and herbicides etc., our earths soils only have trace amounts of fulvic acid. Every disease on earth can be traced to a lack of minerals.

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Proven Fulvic Mineral Benefits

Recommended Dosage


Real Armour Fulvic Minerals can be administered directly under the tongue, back of throat or in any beverage. It’s tasteless in coffee. Real Armour has always believed our customers will show us how to use Fulvic Minerals the best way as everyone is unique. The following recommendations are just that – recommendations. REAL ARMOUR IN NO WAY GUARANTEES RESULTS. ONLY YOUR DOCTOR CAN GIVE YOU MEDICAL ADVICE. Feel free to use a little more or a little less until you find your desired amount to achieve your health goals.


Athletes Foot / Toe Fungus

Fulvic acid has been demonstrated to be useful for a wide variety of skin related issues including the treatment of acne, cold sores, conjunctivitis and athlete’s foot. In 2009 and 2010 Fulvimed performed laboratory work at testing facilities in Manchester, England and Cologne, Germany. During the months of testing Fulvic acid was screened against 28 species of drug-resistant fungi, yeast and molds. Fulvic acid was able to kill all 28 species. Because these species have become resistant to traditional antibiotics can no longer be used to treat them.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day and sparingly apply topically to affected area in the morning and before bed.


According to Dr. George Comstock, of the Training Center of Public Health Research in Hagerstown, Maryland, antioxidants in the blood are possibly being used to mop up damaging free radicals, byproducts of inflammation related to the diseases. “Or perhaps low antioxidant status, whether of decreased intake, absorption or transport, increases the potential for oxidative damage”. He wrote. Humic extracts, ESPECIALLY FULVIC ACIDS,  when administered both topically and orally are proven to regulate the immune system as powerful immunomodulators and to work as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. In studies with hospital patients with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder humic extract bath therapy treatment had a 92% success rate. Several hundred similar studies have been performed in China showing that fulvic acid and humic extracts are proven highly successful.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day.



Hospital studies show that the common cold, related bronchial asthma and resipratory illnesses from infection can be rapidly cured when patients are treated with Fulvic acid. Especially pleasing to parents the powerful and immediate effect this therapy has on young children. Erchuan Wang et al, Humic acid, 3 (1991)

Adults/Children over 12yrs: 2 to 4 drops every 4 hours until better.

Children 3yrs to 6yrs 1 to 2 drops every 4 hrs.

Children 7yrs to 11yrs 2 to 3 drops every 4 hrs

Blood Pressure

There are many reports on the positive benefits of fulvic acid on the cardiovascular system with many reporting control of elevated blood pressure within a few weeks of using Real Armour Fulvic Minerals and many have been taken off their blood pressure medicine by their doctors.

3 to 7 drops morning and before bed. ADJUST UP OR DOWN AS NEEDED

Bone, Joints, Tendons, Auto Immune Disorder

Medical doctors in Europe, China, and even the United States, have discovered that clinical bath treatments using specially prepared humic and fulvic extracts have unparalleled healing power with many serious diseases. Patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis and other bone, joint, tendon, and muscle autoimmune disorders, exhibit healing effects that are unrivaled. Often after a few weeks of daily bath sessions, patients are significantly relieved of pain and inflammation, and are restored to health. Jingrong Chen et al, jiangxi humic acid, 2 (1984) CONTACT REAL ARMOUR FOR LARGER AMOUNTS OF FULVIC FOR BATHING at (641) 919-0199

Maintain daily dosage orally and contact Real Armour for our bathing blend. Note: Again, everyone is unique and if you are achieving the desired results without bathing in fulvic minerals- Great!

We recommend administering orally first for a while and see where you are at after a few weeks.

Brain Function

Many researchers have studied the cognitive effects of fulvic acid and concluded that fulvic acid has powerful neuroprotective effects. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has antioxidant, nutraceutical properties with potential to protect against cognitive impairments and mental decline.

Maintain daily dosage orally once or twice a day.


New studies continue to show virus – cancer connection

The relationship of viruses to cancer is not too surprising, considering the mounting evidence that shows that there is a missing link in our food chain that is allowing viruses to run rampant in their attack on humans, animals, and even our food crops. What may surprise you most is that drug companies have sponsored extensive secret studies for the purpose of profiting from this dire situation, when in fact inexpensive and effective natural solutions exist. 

Of immense interest is the fact that medical hospital studies show that difficult viral respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with fulvic acid dietary supplementation. Fulvic acid is a humic extract common to rich organic humus soil and also certain ancient plant deposits. Many medical studies show that humic substances, especially fulvic acids, have the power to protect against cancer AND the related cancer causing viruses. Studies often show reversal of deadly cancers and tumors using special humic substance therapies.

Consult your doctor before beginning a fulvic minerals regiment.


Fulvic acid exhibits potent anti-fungal activity that fights candida.  2012 study conducted by UK researchers: It was discovered that fulvic acid “exhibits potent antifungal activity” Scientists tested four antifungal substances that are commonly used to treat candida – fulvic acid was the most effective and had the quickest killing of the fungus.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day

Detox From Heavy Metals

Real Armour Fulvic Minerals provide a natural chelation therapy. RAFM detoxify the body, the liver, and the digestive tract, by attaching to toxic buildup, including heavy metals, chlorination byproducts, etc., where they disarm, neutralize, and remove them as waste products. Fulvic acids also work as nature’s most powerful antioxidants, neutralizing dangerous free radicals, as well as supplying hormone stimulating micronutrients.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day.

Detox From Vaccines

Fulvic acid is one of the most powerful natural detoxes available for vaccines. 

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day


Fulvic acid helps with exfoliation and can be used to help brighten the skin’s complexion, It has antioxidant benefits, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, and some small studies have shown it to improve inflammatory conditions like eczema.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day and sparingly to areas of concern.


Real Armour Fulvic Minerals in most cases helps the body absorb important nutrients and oxygenates cells. Our experience has shown us using Real Armour Fulvic Minerals on a daily basis battles tiredness and low energy associated with impaired adrenal glands. Fatigue in many cases is caused by a mineral imbalance or deficiencies of nutrients. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals can help restore your bodies trace minerals and help calm the nervous system. What is also neat about Real Armour Fulvic Minerals is that the energy you get is much different than any other stimulant like coffee or an energy drink without the nervousness, shaking or anxiety that often comes with other stimulants. 

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day


The most common symptoms of fibromyalgia can all be helped by fulvic acid complexes as fulvic acid has been shown to be effective in reducing muscle and joint pain, improving sleep, and decreasing fatigue. Generalized muscle stiffness should also be reduced. If you have Fibromyalgia please check your blood results for heavy metal toxicity. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals reduces heavy metals in your body. Metal allergy is frequent in Fibromyalgia patients. The reduction of metal exposure resulted in improved health in the majority of metal-sensitized patients. This suggests that metal-induced inflammation might be an important risk factor in a subset of patients with Fibromyalgia. Study www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed24378456

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day

Gut Health

Gut issues like small intestinal bacteria overgrowth and leaky gut are a modern day epidemic. But ever seemingly less threatening issues like diarrhea and chronic constipation, are extremely prevalent, likely due to medications, metals, pesticides, chemicals in our food, BPA, stress and many other reasons. ONE THING IS FOR SURE: HEALTHY GUT = A HEALTHY LIFE. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has the ability like nothing else to boost the health of your digestive system.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Fulvic acid as a chelating agent binds with metals in the body and makes the metal lose it’s chemical affect – toxicity, physiological activity.

Fulvic Acid helps transport metals from your body, but they can actually form complexes that assist the metals in safely exiting , too. Fulvic acid helps support in transporting metals out of the body, specifically “metallo-proteins.” These proteins actually protect your body by storing excess metals, so they’re not just flowing freely in your blood. But you don’t want them in your body at all, and fulvic acid can help. In fact, consuming it orally for a month and a half decreased blood levels of toxic metals like cadmium, and additionally improved the function of organs. Fulvic acid has been shown to grab onto lead, as well.

Think about this – one stick of antiperspirant is about 4” and contains 25% aluminum so for every stick you’ve ever used your body has absorbed and stored 1” of aluminum. It’s the same thing as eating an inch of Reynolds Wrap. It’s no wonder there are so many ailments the body has to contend with. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals will remove all the harmful metals from your body, that alone gives your body a whole new chance to thrive and live the way God intended.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day


One of the greatest contributors to inflammation are unstable molecules called free radicals. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals contains antioxidants that counter the effects of free radicals and also helps to detoxify your body of many toxins that contribute to the problem.

Maintain daily dosage orally and contact Real Armour for our bathing blend. Note: Again, everyone is unique and if your achieving the desired results without bathing in fulvic minerals – GREAT! We recommend administering orally first for a while and see where you’re at after a few weeks.

Oral Health

The human body requires certain essential elements in small quantities and their absence or excess result in severe malfunctioning of the body and even death in extreme cases because these essential trace elements directly influence the metabolic and physiologic processes of the organism. Rapid urbanization and economic development have resulted in drastic changes in diets with developing preference towards refined diet and nutritionally deprived junk food. Poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, augmented vulnerability to various oral and systemic diseases, impaired physical, mental growth and reduce efficiency. Diet and nutrition affect oral health in a variety of ways with influence on craniofacial development, growth, maintenance of dental and oral soft tissues. Oral potentially malignant disorders (OMPD) are treated with antioxidants containing essential trace elements like selenium but even increased dietary intake of trace elements like copper could lead to oral sub mucous fibrosis. The deficiency or excess of other trace elements like  iodine, iron, zinc and so forth has a profound effect on the body and such conditions are often diagnosed through their oral manifestations. This review appraises the biological functions of significant trace elements and their role in the preservation of oral health and progression of various diseases.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day.

Respiratory Infection

Humid extracts, specifically Fulvic acids are the most effective natural treatment against viruses of all kinds. Comprehensive studies show that humid extracts are effective against the common cold and flu viruses, including respiratory tract viruses, retroviruses, influenza viruses, herpes simplex viruses and the most infamous virus that has plagued the world recently that the FDA will not acknowledge it works because they want BIG Pharma to have the only solution= corrupt elitism.

2 to 4 drops every 4 hrs until better than maintain daily dosage. Based on experience we recommend waking up and taking during the overnight.


Over 50% of hospital patients treated with Fulvic acid for various chronic diseases noticed that they were able to sleep more relaxed. Bingwen Su, Jiangxi, Humid Acid, 3 (1985) Hospital studies in China show that elderly patients ages 60-90 when treated with Fulvic Acid, regained appetite, slept better and became more energetic. Other hospital studies coming from India show that Fulvic acids are considered to be a powerful anti-aging therapy that also is able to help with symptoms of dementia. Erchuan Wang et al, Humid acid, 3 (1991)

Maintain daily dosage once in the morning and before bed.


Real Armour Nasal Mist provides the necessary relief of symptoms associated with nasal congestion and sinusitis. If you have sinus issues, you must try Real Armour Fulvic Mist It’s Amazing

Maintain daily dosage of Real Armour  Fulvic Drops and use Real Armour Fulvic Mist as needed


Fulvic acid has been demonstrated to be useful for a wide variety of skin related conditions: Psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic keratosis, pruritus and actinic keratosis. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties and stimulates healing. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals are useful in the treatment of allergic diseases.

Maintain daily dosage orally and contact Real Armour for our bathing blend. Note: Again, everyone is unique and if your achieving the desired results without bathing in fulvic minerals – GREAT! We recommend administering orally first for a while and see where you’re at after a few weeks.
Weight Loss

One of the major contributing factors to today’s obesity epidemic is the toxins in our bodies. Additives in foods, artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, herbicides etc. end up leaving metabolic waste inside our body. These chemicals and toxins accumulate in the fat tissue and the more chemicals and toxins, the more fat the body manufactures.

Fulvic Acid is the smallest and most complex naturally occurring water soluble substance on earth – penetrating the cells to deliver nutrients and remove toxins.

Most foods are lacking in the Fulvic Acid necessary to effectively perform these tasks. Taking Real Armour Fulvic Acid supplies the body with the elements it needs to remove heavy metals, environmental toxins, viruses and broken down cells. This keeps the body from accumulating these toxins and stops it from building more fat.

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day.


Studies of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers showed that 91.1% had condition improve when treated with Fulvic acid. Treatment showed no side effects, substantially diminished pain with few relaspses and 61% of patients being completely cured. Xinsheng Zhu, Fulvic Acid, 9 (1991)

Maintain daily dosage once or twice a day.


Fulvic Acid is first a preventative, because it interferes with a virus’ ability to attach to a host cell, penetrate the host cell, and reproduce itself. Scientific studies have demonstrated that if a host cell is penetrated before the introduction of the Fulvic Acid, the reproductive process is not halted. However, after the virus reproduces, the host cell releases the new viruses into the bloodstream. At this point, if Fulvic Acid is present, it can prevent the new generation(s) of viruses from attaching to additional host cells. This is a therapeutic action that the above research has not specifically verified in procedure, hence the above conclusion. Further, the interaction of Fulvic Acid regarding the aforementioned viral studies would also be presumed to work for most if not all viral diseases, (INCLUDING VIRUSES THE FDA WON’T LET US MENTION BUT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK REMARKABLY QUICK AND EFFECTIVELY) Other studies are currently on going throughout the world. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/3527600035.bpol1013

2002 National Institutes of Health (NIH) The NIH published a report titled “Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates”. The NIH studied Fulvic Acid’s virus-fighting properties for viral diseases such as gastroenteritis, influenza, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis and hemorrhaging fevers caused by the Ebola and Hanta viruses. Results showed that fulvic acid, when consumed before the virus invaded the body, was effective in presenting disease. Tests performed against multiple virus types further confirmed fulvic acids broad anti-viral properties. Toxicity tests showed that fulvic acid bound itself to human cells but was not itself toxic, nor did it inhibit or interfere with cell development or reproduction.

Medical Aspects and Applications of Humic Substances” Regarding the Antiviral Activity of Humic/Fulvic Substances Prof. Dr. Renate Klocking & Dr. Bjorn Helbig Institute for Antiviral Chemotherapy, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany  https://goo.gl/ApT4Ks Fulvic acids have been shown to inactivate genetically diverse strains of influenza including H5N1, further confirming the broad spectrum nature of these agents.


2 to 4 drops every 4 hrs until better, then maintain daily dosage. Based on experience we recommend waking up and taking during the overnight.

Your Journey Starts Here

Real Armour Fulvic Minerals contains more than 70 trace minerals that allows your body’s immune system to fight disease, harmful viruses and give your body a Real Armour to defend against illness.

Time to take back your health and start your journey to pharmaceutical freedom!

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