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What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic is a chelating molecule that penetrates any cell wall (human, plant or animal). Its’ job in GOD’s creation is to bring nutrition through semi-permeable membranes. Without it plant life would not be able to absorb all the necessary nutrients for vegetation to grow and thrive the way God intended. 

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Real Results

Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has helped many ailing Americans fight off sickness and disease. The lack of fulvic acid in our bodies seriously diminishes the body’s natural ability to uptake minerals and vitamins. Every disease on earth can be traced to a lack of minerals. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals contains more than 70 trace minerals that allows your body’s immune system to fight disease, harmful bacteria and give your body a Real Armour to defend against illness.

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Recommended Dosage



Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has touched the lives of many.

Start your healing journey today.

Real Armour Fulvic Is Like A

Food-Based Mineral Bomb

Real Armour Fulvic Minerals functions more like a food-based mineral bomb since it’s full of so many types of nutrients. It’s also bioavailable, so the benefits of fulvic acid are easy for your body to recognize and absorb. When you give your body a variety of sources, there’s a much better chance that multiple minerals will be absorbed by the body. Fulvic acid is the smallest and most complex natural occuring water soluble substance on earth – penetrating the bodies cells to deliver nutrients and remove toxins.

Fulvic acid can be harvested three ways.

Everyone may be aware of the AMAZING RESULTS of fulvic acid, however buyers need to know that the quality and extraction process on each product is very different. THE REAL ARMOUR EXTRACTION PROCESS IS REVOLUTIONARY AND THE ONLY ONE OF ITS’ KIND! The results of our extraction process means that Real Armour has the purest most concentrated fulvic available anywhere.

1. Leonardite Coal

Leonardite Coal (not good but still sold widely) is currently a source for humic acid but a poor source of the 100% soluble fulvic acid portion. The coal is mined, and then the humic acid is extracted using strong chemicals. Then the chemicals are washed out leaving a small amount of fulvic acid in the end.

2. Shale Dead Vegetation

Shale Dead Vegetation – Layers of buried dead vegetation that has not mineralized completely to coal due to less water present. The shale vegetation is mined and ground and then washed with water yielding small percentages of fulvic acid and more of the humic acid.

3. Real Armour Way

The Real Armour Way We start with Fresh Biomass – Only Real Armour utilizes fresh biomass and extracts a very high ratio of fulvic acid, along with amounts of humic acid with the aid of only water present in the biomass. The Real Armour combination of fulvic acid and humic acid is the purest and most concentrated Fulvic Minerals available.

Real Amour Fulvic Minerals Has Essential Elements For Life 

Of the approximately 115 elements known, only the 19 highlighted in purple are absolutely required in the human diet. Real Armour Fulvic Minerals has them all. These elements called essential elements are restricted to the first four rows of the periodic table, with only two or three exceptions (molybdenum, iodine, and possibly tin in the fifth row). Some other elements are essential for specific organisms. For example, boron is required for the growth of certain plants, bromine is widely distributed in marine organisms, and tungsten is necessary for some microorganisms. 

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