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Finally You Can Breathe Safely Real Armour Mask Will Help You Do It

Kills 93% Of Bacteria and Viruses (Including Coronavirus) On Contact

The Mask That Cleans Itself Breathes Easy And Minimizes Trapped C02

Deactivates 5 Times More Pathogens Than N-95 Protocol

* This is not a claim that the VNR can protect you from illness.

Is Your Mask Making You Sick?

There could be a good reason for it.

In a recent study, after just 5-8 hours of test subjects wearing a face mask, the masks were sent into a lab.

Here are just a few pathogens found.

*Download the free pdf below to find all the pathogens found on these face masks.*


  Francisella Tularensis


  Staphylococcus aureus

  (Causes Staph Infection)

  Staphylococcus Pneumoniae

  (Can Cause Pneumonia)


Introducing The Mask That Cleans Itself!

Real Armour Resized_20211015_114554_1_-removebg-preview-e1635794732616 Real Armour Mask

The VNR (Viral Neutralizing Respirator) From Real Armour Mask


The VNR Mask deactivates 93% of viruses and bacteria on its surface. It will not degrade in structural integrity or performance because virus or bacteria colony buildup.

VNR proprietary foam neutralizes 93% of Covid-19 Virus passing through the mask and 65% of surface viruses on the inside and outside of the mask. It retains 100% Covid-19 deactivation while maintaining low C02 levels helping you to breathe easy!

Independently Tested By Nelson Labs

Main Benefits Of The VNR Mask

Real Armour Screen-Shot-2021-09-22-at-1.47.53-PM Real Armour Mask

Deactivates Viruses and Bacteria

The VNR mask deactivates viruses and bacteria on its surface. Unlike the N95 mask, our VNR mask will not degrade in structural integrity or in performance because of the buildup in bacteria colonies.

Real Armour covidcell-1 Real Armour Mask

Deactivates Covid-19 Cells

The VNR mask neutralizes 65% of Covid-19 Viruses passing through the mask and 93% of Covid – 19 Viruses on the inside and outside compared to N95 mask.

Real Armour breathable-icon-21-1-e1632339693112 Real Armour Mask

VNR Mask Are Breathable!

The VNR is not a filter so it’s easy to breathe and talk which allows low resistance to avoid trapping C02. Air is cleaned as it passes through the mask when you inhale and exhale….


Keep Your Employees/ Customers Safe.

Keep Your Family Safe.

Keep Your Hospital Safe.

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